Architektouren 2013

Project ‚New development of a Residential Building Gräfelfing‘

Architektouren 2012

Project ‚Restoration an Revitalization of a multiple family dwelly Munich‘

Nomination competition ‚best private plots 2006 – der beste Garten 2006‘

Architektouren 2006

Project ‚Childrens Day Centre Riegerhofweg Munich‘

Award of the State Capital Munich honorary prize for ‚Good Residential Architecture Retirement Living and Examplary Refubishment 2005’

Project ‘Residential Estate Hinterbärenbadstraße’ 

Award of the Bavarian Domestic Architecture Prize 2005 ,Squares, Courts, Gardens’

Project ‘Group of homes Gräfelfing’
Project ‘Residential Estate Hinterbärenbadstraße’